Welcome to my new home on the web! A place to share and grow.

Hello other me!

Thanks for popping by! As a visual learner my desire for this website is to keep it simple, exciting and fun. Currently I am channeling visions & transmissions from higher dimensions, messages from nature, and inspiration from my higher self.

I was connected to my multi-dimensionality when I was very young but disconnected at age 3 as a survival mechanism. Upon my awakening, this connection began to start bubbling back up into my awareness. I am here now to share and expand.


Holographic visions channeled from higher realms and galactic family.


Communication with rocks & minerals, plants, animals and water.


Art and words to inspire, guide and uplift. You got this!

What for?

My Intention with sharing on this website and social media is to Empower as many humans as possible to live their best lives. Which is another way of saying to truly be your Self.

A. To be free of fear, living in Love & Oneness
B. To be free of lack, living in your naturally Abundant state
C. To be free of confusion, connected to your own personal Guidance for your own unique path

Ultimately so you can know yourself as Creator within your own Creation. I do this because it gives me great joy and energy to create in this way!

I do not have any paid offerings on the website yet, but if you’d like to support me you can donate Love Money or visit my Art Shop.

Much love, joy and gratitude ๐Ÿคโœจ


landing place for ~ enhanced healing, purification, innocence, groundedness, centered-on-axis, positive thoughts


strength, fortress, to sow