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7 Golden Teachers (Yellow Quartzite)

It sparks joy to bless all aspects of ourselves, every one and every thing.

After a fun day at the beach I returned home with these 7 pebbles of golden yellow quartzite. Quartzite is basically beach sand that has reformed into rock under higher temperature and pressure. It is very pretty when wet & under the sun ☀️

Up until this point all communication I had with rocks and minerals involved just one at a time but with these I felt intuitively guided to hold all 7 in my palm and see what happens.. ✋

It was a sweet little choir! The words “Bless Every One, Bless Every Thing” came through very clearly. I was amazed! It was also interesting as I never use the word bless so it was different for me to think with that perspective.

We are the Creator within our own Creation. We are everything and everyone. In “blessing” we acknowledge all of our creations with respect, love and gratitude; no matter what their vibration may be.. It is still us, and if it exists it has a purpose. Being all One ~ we realize what appears separate is just our energy in a different form. Everything happening For us, By us, in this glorious experience called Life 🪩

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Communication with Nature /// Telepathic connection with the essence of rocks, minerals, plants, animals, water. Another aspect of our Self, of Gaia, that some call Devas or Elementals. Everything is energy, everything is consciousness. I adore the natural world; balanced, harmonious, and always following the path of least resistance.