Nature ///

GT4 (Yellow Quartzite)

You are naturally abundant; and always drawing to yourself the best experiences for your evolution.

When this message came through I felt such a deep relief. It was realizing there is no lack but on an even deeper level. “You were born with everything you need for this life.” I realized stress and worry was a choice. Not the reality, but just a fearful illusion.

It reminds me of the Law of Attraction ~ that if we are just ourselves we will draw to ourselves everything we need.. that we don’t need to become a certain vibration, but rather let go of everything that is affecting our vibration. Our core is vibrating perfectly, attracting all we desire, it is just when we start to layer on fear-based beliefs the signal gets distorted.

I can look back with gratitude for the distortion and fearful illusions as they gave me experiences I would have never had living in the reality of abundance. They pushed me to the conclusion that ‘there has got to be a better way’. And that makes these kind of realizations oh so much sweeter, like the best thing ever 🧁 realizing you had the key all along 🔑✨

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Communication with Nature /// Telepathic connection with the essence of rocks, minerals, plants, animals, water. Another aspect of our Self, of Gaia, that some call Devas or Elementals. Everything is energy, everything is consciousness. I adore the natural world; balanced, harmonious, and always following the path of least resistance.