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Camas Lily – Stellar Gateway Chakra

Relax and allow the Camas Lily to activate your Stellar Gateway Chakra to Receive.

A joy to behold! Meadows of beautiful blue-purple camas shows the resurgence of native species in our ecosystems; a flower with much cultural significance to custodians of the land past and present. I always feel so happy when I see them! 😸

When the geometry was complete I immediately felt a very strong energy in my crown but intuitively felt that it was coming from one of the higher chakras and entering the body through the crown. I channeled that it is activating the Stellar Gateway Chakra! 💫

As we begin our ascension process to 5D the Stellar Gateway chakra is activated and it takes on the role of the crown chakra as main receiver & processor of information from higher realms. It connects us to the source of light we originate from (a star or another planet etc), transcends time and space, and assists us greatly with spiritual progress! 🌟 <Thanks to for the information on this chakra!>

I was in awe of the synchronicity between my impulse to create this today and Daniel Scranton’s daily message ( that spoke of learning to Receive in this month of May 2024. Also sipping a cup of coffee called “Stellar Blend” right now haha. Love the journey. Relax and allow the Camas Lily to assist you with receiving all that is here for you now 💙💜

You may wonder why the geometry has 6 points when there are 5 petals .. well most Camas does have 6 petals and intuitively felt that would be best. It just so happened that this very photogenic one had 5. “The imperfection Is the perfection” 😘

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