Love $

What is Love Money? To me, Love Money is money you give because you love what someone is doing and putting out into the world. This energetic gift of the form of money is to assist me to live my dreams of sharing my gifts and abilities, and fulfilling my soul mission in this life.

Where did you get this from? I originally heard the concept from Ken Honda, author of Happy Money. The way I think of it is like a Tree. Trees unconditionally release Oxygen for all to use for their lives, but to do so they first make sure their own needs of nutrients and water are met. As a Tree it is my desire to unconditionally release as much helpful, loving content as possible but first I must make sure my needs are met.

All Love Money is Deeply Appreciated and it All really Helps, even the smallest amount can make a huge difference. All who Give will receive a personal thank you note from myself with exactly how your Love Money has helped my mission.