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Jurassic Tri-Shell Fossil

We often focus on the fearful memories in our cells, but what about the love?

While holding this unique (to us, during the Jurassic period I imagine these where everywhere haha) fossil in my left hand during meditation a clear message came through – “I lived on Earth before there was fear. You have this same Memory in your cells.” 🫧

At the time I was dealing with past-life fears, ancestral fears, collective fears and thinking geez my cells are full of fear. I needed that encouragement! And from an organism who lived here when love was the primary emotion. I realized all humans have this memory, from a time when earth was in balance & harmony. I also realized the dinosaurs were not all killing each other in horrifying ways as they are often depicted but that most were plant eaters, and the few carnivores ate the ones who were sick, injured or dying anyway; just like they do today in the animal kingdom. Because its all comes back to energy and vibration. And ultimately it all comes back to love.

I’ve always been fond of this fossil as is a shell with three sides! Also makes it easy to identify the geological time period. The Jurassic period was ~145-200 million years ago, a wet and warm period where the earth was filled with dinosaur life! 🦕 Also when thinking about it I realized fear has only been the primary emotion on Earth for a very VERY short time in our very recent history; and we are returning to love & balance with every moment, every breath.

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Communication with Nature /// Telepathic connection with the essence of rocks, minerals, plants, animals, water. Another aspect of our Self, of Gaia, that some call Devas or Elementals. Everything is energy, everything is consciousness. I adore the natural world; balanced, harmonious, and always following the path of least resistance.