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Diorite (very coarse-grained)

I had no idea a rock could have such a profound effect on a chakra until I picked this one up.

Looking to activate your chakras? The mineral kingdom is here to help! Whenever I bring home a new rock or mineral (and I do first ask it if it wants to come home with me haha) I will do a meditation with it in my left hand {receiving hand} and see what comes through. Often it is a feeling, sometimes a message or conversation, and sometimes both.

I noticed this small piece of Diorite due to the very coarse grain size. It’s fascinating to me as a geologist as have never seen grains this large in a Diorite, which indicates it crystallized near the center of the intrusion. The black Hornblende crystals form star clusters on a background of white Feldspar (plagioclase) and clear Quartz.

When I hold this rock in my hand I instantly feel my Third Eye swing wide open, and have never felt that effect from any other rock or mineral. It is also interesting that finer-grained Diorite does not have the same effect on me. My intuition tells me it is the large Hornblende “stars” formed at or near the center of the magma body 🌟

While making this post I realized even looking at the star in the photo had an effect on me! Let me know in the IG comments if you feel that too? or if you have had a similar experience with another rock or mineral! 🪨

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