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Cherry Blossom – Crown Chakra

Open your crown chakra and allow in the nourishing light. Let the cherry blossom be your guide!

A sign of spring! I intuit the sacred geometry of cherry blossoms from some recent photos I took to create a fun and inspired piece of art 🌸

This geometry assists the crown chakra to open and expand. Allowing in more light to nourish your whole system with love 🤍 Very much like a flower on a tree!

For those into numerology ~ there are 5 white petals, 5 inner pink petal markings, 18 stamen (15 in circle, and 3 around pistil), and 1 central pistil.

I added this one to my Art Shop and is available as a Canvas print, Pillow and 500pc Puzzle! 🧩

*Note: the product photos below are low-res as they are just to show placement on the merch objects, and printed image will be much more like photo above in the highest res possible.

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Communication with Nature /// Telepathic connection with the essence of rocks, minerals, plants, animals, water. Another aspect of our Self, of Gaia, that some call Devas or Elementals. Everything is energy, everything is consciousness. I adore the natural world; balanced, harmonious, and always following the path of least resistance.