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Chickadee Spirit Guide

A lesson in letting go of patterns and programs without resentment, to live as our true authentic (higher) self.

I was out for a nature walk yesterday and had an interesting experience that I felt I had to share with you today! 🤗

Since my awakening I have grown very fond of watching birds and the cute little ones often fill my heart with joy. I saw many black-capped chickadees on the path yesterday but at one point of the trail one was especially close! This caught my attention and I stopped to observe it in the tree above me. All of a sudden it plummeted to the ground, falling right beside me and landing only a few inches from my feet. It ruffled its feathers, got up and flew back up to a perch right in front of me (this is when I took the photo you see in this post) 🌳

My intuition flashed and it became clear this was a lesson that my new friend was sharing with me. The bird was me, happy and free, then it came down to earth, hit the ground, ruffled its feathers, and flew back up to its happy place and continued doing what it was doing like nothing even happened.

Although our human lives may seem long, they are really just a blink of an eye in our eternal journey. The first half of my life was the bird falling to the ground, low down in the dirt. My healing & integration process was ruffling the feathers. And now I am returning to my Home in my Heart, to live again as my Higher Self 🪶 Completely free of all guilt and condemnation, lack/separation templates and programming. With my healing as a witness that none of that had any lasting effects on me.. and that it only made me stronger.

Thank you Chickadee, for guiding me to let go of the last of all that does not serve me; to live in love without resistance & resentment of the past. Present, happy, free, Home 🎊

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Communication with Nature /// Telepathic connection with the essence of rocks, minerals, plants, animals, water. Another aspect of our Self, of Gaia, that some call Devas or Elementals. Everything is energy, everything is consciousness. I adore the natural world; balanced, harmonious, and always following the path of least resistance.