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Artist of your Life

In every moment of every day we have the choice ~ to create a nightmare or a beautiful dream.

You are the Artist of your Life. What will you Create? 👩‍🎤

This came to me the other day when instagram prompted me to choose a category for this account. I feel we are all the Artists of our lives. We can create an horrific nightmare or a beautiful dream. In every moment of every day ~ the choice is ours!

Before my awakening I didn’t know I had a choice. I was so stuck in all my unconscious programs, catastrophic thinking and self-destructive patterns.. literally a living nightmare. About 8 months after my initial awakening I saw an add for Gaia on YouTube. ‘Initiation’ by Matías de Stefano and ‘Re-Wired’ by Joe Dispenza were the first catalysts to help me remember my power, universal laws and started me on this path of conscious awareness. I am forever & eternally grateful 🥰🥰

We create our life with our thoughts, words, beliefs, intentions and actions. And can think of everything in our lives as art – not only the obvious but also things like breathing, walking, stretching. Why not have fun & create a beautiful day? The choice is ours 🤙

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Inspirational Messages /// You can think of these as personal revelations or downloads from my Higher Self. A way I’ve learned to live is to wait for Inspiration, and then Act on it. These are some of those actions. I hope they will be as helpful to you as they were for me!

Queen Bee

Fun analogy to assist in releasing people pleasing patterns. The best thing you can do for others is to Bee the best you!

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