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Arcangel Metatron // Changing Patterns

It is in the knowing, you can set it free in that moment.

Your thoughts are very important. They create your entire reality from the beliefs they stem from. This it is why it is so important that people share how to change fear-based beliefs and limited beliefs to something more constructive. Now. For a long time, humans have been living in these patterns. What I’d like you to know is that the patterns are easier to break than you may be believing.

Keep in mind you may have your own fear-based beliefs that these patterns are difficult to break and difficult to change. This stems from a deeper fear-based belief that ‘change is difficult’. When in reality it’s not. Change can be as easy as anything. So I would advise you to think of these patterns, thoughts, as easy to change. And why would they be easy to change? Because you want to live the best life you can. You want to live your best version of reality. And so it should be easy to choose what is best for you no? Why would it be difficult to choose between pain or joy?

Well, most people do not realize they have a choice as you know. But also they believe that ‘change is difficult’, ‘change is so hard’. Which is just another fear-based limited belief within the human collective; transmitted from generation to generation to maintain the status quo. But change is easy. It’s easy to focus on what you want if you actually want it. It’s easy to change your thoughts if you realize they create your reality, and they do.

So feel the thought, feel how it feels, and then make a choice. Do I want to let this thought go? or do I want to investigate it further? Feeling good would be the feeling to investigate this thought further. And do not berate yourself if you find yourself coming back to old patterns, realize that is what they are, just an old pattern, it is nothing, (think of it as having) no bearing over your reality. It is nothing. If it comes up just view it as empty, nothing.

That is why humans have such an issue with change, it is the limiting beliefs. A flower has no problem changing course as it grows up. A tree has no problem with change (seasons). An animal makes no difference, change is the reality, change is the way of life; change is life, life is change. To resist change is to resist life. I do love your example, of computers and change. Resisting change is like saying ‘no I want my dos, I want my floppy disc’ and they no longer make them anymore. Change, flow with life.

Anytime you hold onto a pattern that you know no longer serves you, you are in resistance. It is in the knowing, you can set it free in that moment. Of course, some patterns are deeper than others, but realize as long as you have a pattern that you know about, it should be very easy to let it go. It is the ones you do not know about that are more of a challenge. This is why awareness is key, awareness of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions. The awareness is the first step. Second step is to let it go with love, and as you let it go, you replace it with a firm foundation of truth. In this way, the pattern is ended.

Do not concern yourself with echos, that’s a belief as well; change is easy, there are no echos if you really desire the change. There is no need to linger in the space of fixing, in the space of the 4th dimension. It is not required. You can choose. Change is easy. Focus is easy. Thoughts are easy. And you will be in the 5th dimension more than you currently are. I just want to let you know it is not as difficult as the fear-based beliefs would make you think.

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