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Arcangel Metatron // Processing Emotions

Feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it and let the energy go; leave your body.

Processing emotions in the moment as they arise, not with reaction but just viewing them as if from an outside perspective. As the consciousness. You will feel first, and then may trace this back. Feeling to emotion to what was spoken or thought, to where and what the belief is. This is why it is very advised to process emotions on a moment by moment basis.

As we all know, if we wait too long we may not remember. And also because emotions are felt as feelings and feelings don’t really have verbal word descriptors a lot of the time; this is the best time to investigate them. If a conclusion is not reached and the emotion is not processed you may call it suppressed instead of processed. Then, it will just keep on coming up in different ways, in different times, different people, situations, until it is processed.

And what would it mean to process? Well, identify where it is coming from, then identify the time, place, circumstance it first occurred and if you are processing it in the moment you will be right there and you do not have to do this step. As I would suggest. And from here you simply feel it, feel the emotion, feeling you can think of as equals processing. Feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it and let the energy go; leave your body. And why was it so easy to allow that to leave? It wasn’t suppressed and kept inside; like food forgotten in a container that spoils and then is difficult to clean out. When the emotion is suppressed it is like trapping it in the body, in the chakras, or in a particular chakra.

You came here to experience all of the emotions. There are no “bad” emotions, there are no “wrong” emotions. Emotions are just emotions. You can think of emotions as experiences, experiences in themselves. When you are feeling a negative emotion or a contracting emotion it is fear-based and these are the emotions you want to process immediately; so you do not get stuck in a loop or a pattern. These patterns create more negative emotions, (and likely) anticipation of a similar event, what you would call “worry”. So let it go. Process it: feel it, let the energy move through you and out of you, and then come back to your center. Your foundation. Which is Love. Love is everything; and everything happens for a reason, everything has a purpose.

It is easy to get hung up on some emotions, but you are ready to move past that now. When processing the emotion, you do not need to figure out why this is happening, where is it coming from. The only thing to think about is what inside of me attracted this into my life? As everything in the outer reality is a match, perfect match, perfect vibrational match to the inner reality. And once you identify that, well you have done two things at once. And prevented a new pattern or a loop from forming.

After processing the emotion, fill your body with love, fill your body with trust from your heart center and know that now you have experienced it. And if you experienced it in full you will not need to experience it again. And if you do experience it again trust that it is in your best good, it is always in your highest good. Do not judge yourself or get mad at yourself, it is a journey and often ideas have many faces, many sides. And each side is to be polished like a stone. To become a beautiful sphere and once spherical, there is nothing to get stuck on anymore. And it will be complete.

Enjoy the journey and please do not see these things as annoyances or something against you. It is you creating a challenge for your self, to be the best version of your Self. It involves no one else but you, because it is your vibration that attracts every person, thing, being, situation, circumstance to you. It is all in your hands. You have all the power within you.

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