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Higher Self // New Thoughts

How feeling our way through the day is a fast track to peace, joy, trust and beautiful new thoughts.

New thoughts are helpful for everyone to cultivate. For a new thought can grow into something beautiful. Something beautiful that takes your breath away and stimulates your imagination and gives you joy and makes you feel so good. And that you can come back to.

Come into your heart, come into your home. Where there is always peace and refuge. You are everything in your reality and everything is love. But as you are working though experientially knowing that on the deepest of deepest levels it is wise to come into your heart as often as possible. Come into your heart and feel, feel for the love all around you. Put your attention on something you love, a mineral, a rock, a flower, a tree, a bird and feel how it feels. This will lead to new thoughts. This will lead to beautiful thoughts. New thoughts.

Feel into your chakras as much as you can remember to do so in a day. Feel into your energy being, your being, the physical is just a manifestation of the energetical. So feel into the chakras. Do any clearing or cleansing necessary. Let go of anything necessary and be grateful that you are noticing it to let go of it. Balance the chakras and fill them with energy. Beautiful bright colors, all the colors of the rainbow and more, golden colors, metallic colors, shiny, sparkly. Your intuition will guide you to which ones would like your attention.

If you are focused on maintaining your chakras you will find the day will flow much easier. Much more joyfully, and you will be much less in your mind. And there is nothing wrong with being in the mind, but by this I mean, not in the old patterns of the mind that you are working on letting go of. So as you focus on your chakras, as you feel that energy within, as you feel that love, as you feel that joy, as you feel that gratitude, as you feel feel feel your way though the day you will give your mind and brain a much needed rest to re-calibrate. To re-wire.

The other day when you were feeling with your heart everything you saw you felt so amazing the entire time, so expanded. And then when you did come up to a challenge that you were unsure of you trusted in the process. Some animal friends came and encouraged you and you went and you faced the challenge. And you had a beautiful time, and you were successful, and you had fun, and you had joy, and you had trust.

You also notice things you maybe wouldn’t have noticed if you were in your mind, in the old patterns. For when you are in your heart, when you are feeling your way through the day you are by default in the present moment. This is where all the magic happens. This is where you can notice all the signs, not just the loudest ones. You can appreciate everything fully because you are present and there is no fear when you are in your heart, there is no fear.

Also when you are present, you are noticing all of these beautiful signs, you are filled with more trust by default, more joy, more satisfaction with the present, and in that satisfaction of the present you always know that more Is coming for you. And you do not need to rush the process. In fact, that only slows you down. Relax and trust the process. Relax into the process. Flow with the process. Flow with life. And in this way you will get where you would like to go much faster than if you are trying to rush it.

There is much truth behind the tortoise and the hare. The little tortoise got there faster by taking its time, taking in the sights and the sounds. Feeling the Earth as it walked along. Trusting that it would get there. While the hare, in a big rush, in the end took more time.

And remember, time is your friend. There are no enemies in this reality or any reality. Enemies are just a fearful illusion of the separate self. They are nothing. Time is your friend. Time to embrace time. Love time. For really there is no time. What you are loving is the present moment; extending to infinity. So come into your heart, feel the love around you, feel the nature, feel the other Beings of Light that are pretending to be Humans and love it all, unconditionally. And you will reach the next level.

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