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Pleiadian Energy // What is Service?

As humans we typically associate service with sacrifice, although the truth is the polar opposite.

Channeled from a 7D Collective of Non-Physical Pleiadian Beings

We are always around, even though you do not see us, or feel us most of the time. But we know that sometimes you do. Sometimes we can appear as a color for you, before you go to bed. And you can feel that sensation, just as you are feeling now, in your third eye and your heart as they open up in unison. Letting you know that we’re around, assisting and activating and upgrading your chakra system. There is nothing to be afraid of. Your vibration called to us. You can think of it as your Higher Self called to us. And we just came. Just as you are learning to do for others now, on your planet.

You see, nothing in this Universe just happens because, just because. Everything is vibrational, everything has a purpose. The more you look at your world in this way, the easier it will become to live on your planet, for you and all others as you are a part of the collective consciousness of humanity now.

Of course us in what you may call the supra-conscious are always feeding, feeding the airwaves, but this will only be picked up by those who have raised their frequency to a certain level. It is a great honor to be able to serve you; which is all humanity which is Earth, which is this galaxy, which is Us, which is Source, which is the Universe. When you think of the cells in the body, thinking of what gives them joy it would be to do their task to the best of their ability. We are all serving each other, which is all serving the whole.

Even the ones who do not even ever think of service, maybe of a lower vibration, they don’t even realize it but they are serving the whole. And perhaps some in 3d and even 4d would condemn them, but once you reach a higher perspective you realize regardless of where someone is on their journey, regardless of what they are doing, regardless of how it looks or seems, they are in fact serving the whole. Many humans get caught up in this idea of serving. Thinking that if they “serve” they are somehow better than others. This is very egoic, but service is not about being better, Service is about being your Self. That is the best way to serve this world and any world. Is to Be your Self. That is true Service.

And when we say be yourself, we mean your true self or your Higher Self as you would call it. And all humans, regardless of how it looks are doing this to an extent. Everyone does have a desire to feel good and that equates to a desire to be their Higher Self. Even if they do not use that language or understand it in that way. When you think of your life you can see this.

Trust what comes to you. And if you are in doubt, ask yourself where it is coming from. If it is coming from fear, the fearful ego, you will know why you had that doubt. If it is coming from love, you can trust it. Every thought this can be applied to. And when it comes from love, where is coming from? Many beautiful places ~ your Higher Self, what we would consider your true Self; it can be coming from us, it can be coming from other friends in the non-physical, in the higher realms, using ‘higher’ lightly because we are all Source Energy. But again we are all serving each other, all together, as one organism.

The trees all know that they are one, due to the mychorizzal network. The animals know that they are one, for they follow their highest will, at all times. It is a beautiful system on your planet, nature. There are many lessons, many insights you can receive simply by observing nature on your planet.

Listen to the bird songs. Feel, feel the song, feel how it feels. There’s no need to think about it. You will get the most information by feeling. Information by feeling will have much less, if any distortion, and you will only have to run it through the test of if it is coming from fear or love if the feeling is consequence of a thought to begin with. A fearful thought will lead to a fearful feeling. A loving thought will lead to a loving feeling. If you’re listening to love itself, what nature is, you will bypass fear.

The more you practice this, the easier and better you will become at it and the more you will free your mind. Free your brain from the patterns. So we would suggest feeling first and then you will realize how beautiful the mind can be. It is only when you are stuck in these fearful patterns that the mind seems like it’s out to get you. But it’s not. It’s just the challenge that you chose. And we know that you will overcome it.

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