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Awakening Process

Thinking about my initial awakening process, it always included the same 4 stages..

Thinking about my initial awakening process, it always included the same 4 stages.. 💡

1. Sadness – from nothing to sadness in the realization of a certain limited belief, unconscious program etc.

2. Anger – the anger arises mostly from any pain/suffering endured or caused due to the perception before realization. *note! do not stay in this mode too long, there are many ways to release the negative energy but I like to scream it out as I feel it leave on the sound vibrations

3. Forgiveness – understanding the circumstance from a higher perspective allows you to see the Purpose and how it was For you and actually benefitted the evolution of all involved 🧘‍♀️

4. Gratitude – integrate the learnings, let it go and relax 😎

Of course we are always awakening and this processes is like a wheel with 4 spokes, two contracting (-) and two expanding (+). To me, I see this as the awakening process in 3D & 4D. Intuitively I see on the horizon a day where are all the limited beliefs and unconscious programming are released from the human collective and from that point forward (5D) awakenings are purely expansive & in gratitude, joy, curiosity and love.

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Inspirational Messages /// You can think of these as personal revelations or downloads from my Higher Self. A way I’ve learned to live is to wait for Inspiration, and then Act on it. These are some of those actions. I hope they will be as helpful to you as they were for me!

Queen Bee

Fun analogy to assist in releasing people pleasing patterns. The best thing you can do for others is to Bee the best you!

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