Inspiration ///

Hair and Oneness

A simple & fun analogy from my Higher Self on Oneness.

Imagine each hair on your head represents a human. Each one connected to you. Each one a part of you.

Depending on the day and the do, different strands cross paths. You may try to control them or tame them but the hairs go their own way. Try to pull one or more out and it will really hurt. You don’t just shampoo & condition a tiny patch; you know that if you treat them all equally with kindness, love and respect ~ you will have healthy hair.

When no longer needed they naturally fall out without you even noticing.

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Inspirational Messages /// You can think of these as personal revelations or downloads from my Higher Self. A way I’ve learned to live is to wait for Inspiration, and then Act on it. These are some of those actions. I hope they will be as helpful to you as they were for me!

Queen Bee

Fun analogy to assist in releasing people pleasing patterns. The best thing you can do for others is to Bee the best you!

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