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Victim or Creator

Cause and effects of living in the illusion of victim, compared to your natural state as Creator.

The third installment of the illusion & reality contrast series. I want to clear the air and say just because the illusion side has a black background doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong or anything like that. You can think of the black as signifying a ‘Fantastic Opportunity for Growth’.. just like a seed would think of a fertile black soil! 🌱

Everything has a Purpose or else it would not exist. Everything is Helping us to wake up and evolve. Wholeness is accepting Everything as your Self with Gratitude and Love, not trying to eliminate anything. Everything is Source, Everything is Love – even if it may be pretending that it’s not. The light and dark aspects just help us grow, like a plant with roots in the darkness and leaves catching the light 🪴

Before my awakening I had no idea I had a choice, or that I was creating my reality. My entire life before that point was spent in separation, lack and a deep-rooted victim mentality. Not a very fun place to be. My Intention with this series is simply to show you that you do have a Choice ♾️

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Inspirational Messages /// You can think of these as personal revelations or downloads from my Higher Self. A way I’ve learned to live is to wait for Inspiration, and then Act on it. These are some of those actions. I hope they will be as helpful to you as they were for me!

Queen Bee

Fun analogy to assist in releasing people pleasing patterns. The best thing you can do for others is to Bee the best you!

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