Visions ///

Nightmare or Dream

How do you perceive the world? As the nightmare or the dream?

Yesterday I was doing a guided meditation (muchas gracias Matías!) for the eclipse energies and was left with a vision I feel compelled to share! 🤗

For a long time the human collective has had this idea of “good vs evil” which was originally created as a easy control mechanism for humans. What is the easiest way to control a human? Fear.

So most humans live their entire lives according to this programming, shown as the nightmare on the left side of the image. Through this perception one is always on the lookout for the “enemy”, “bad people” etc. which makes them the “victim”. The insatiable need to judge others and make them “guilty” to keep the stories alive. In this fear-based perception one is kept in a very low frequency and is easy to control and manipulate. Also, because one is focused on fear, they manifest more fear and more fearful situations in their lives. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy 😵‍💫

On the right hand side we see a different perception. The perception of universal truth, that each and every being (on this planet and throughout the galaxy & beyond) is another aspect of Ourself, Is Source Energy, Is LOVE. Here, where one is viewing All others as love, they will manifest more love & loving situations in their life. Life becomes a happy dream 🥰

You choose which perception you prefer. There is no judgement either way. Just because everyone around you is choosing the nightmare doesn’t mean you have to. You also don’t have to wait for other humans to choose love, that timeline and human collective already exists. You just have to choose it.

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Holographic Visions /// I interpret this information into 2D graphics to share, but I encourage you to imagine them as a 3D silent film as that is how they are received. These visions are channeled from higher realms and galactic family, the cosmic Oneness of which we are all a part.