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Higher Self // Conflict is an Illusion

Let go of the reaction to make guilty and realize everything is happening for you, for your greatest benefit.

Relax. Trust. Trust that all that is happening around you and within you is for you, by you, through you; for your greatest benefit. When you feel an unpleasant sensation, rather than jumping to a fearful conclusion, jump to the conclusion that this is a positive thing; this is happening for me in some way. And look at it as a fun little riddle to go within and solve. Maybe the answer doesn’t come right away, but as long as you put out the intention, the answer will make its way into your awareness in Divine perfect timing.

There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing wrong with Earth, there is nothing wrong with any ones reality. There are no problems, and the reality as you have learned ~ evokes no conflict at all. If nothing in the reality evokes conflict, why is there conflict? Would be a logical question. It’s because of illusion, becoming disconnected from ones own heart, from the higher mind to live as an ego, an individual separate from the whole. Seemingly separate from the whole, but all the while, connected to everything. And it must be because this is how reality works.

It is time to let go of conflict on Earth. Focus on peace. Realize conflict is an illusion and it is nothing. A lie, a manipulation, a story, however you want to look at it. But really, the truth is conflict has never existed from a higher perspective. From a higher perspective it is simply the Being remembering who it truly is. That is the challenge that you have in front of you on Earth right now. The great undoing of illusion.

You have chosen this role and every experience in your life has prepared you for it. Now, empowered by the truth you Will live a life of joy of peace of love, there is no question. For it is your desire to move beyond conflict, to move beyond illusions, to the greater truth of who you are, who all humans are and what everything is; Is Divine, is Source, is Love.

So next time you hear of a conflict or feel conflict, perhaps conflicting energies within your being. Choose Love and let what is not love go. Accept it as an experience. Accept it as contrast showing you what you would prefer. There is no fight, there is no conflict, there is no problems. It is simply choosing to focus on what you prefer, what you want to be, and what you want to experience. It’s time to Be Love. It’s time to Be Me. Now.

If you look at nature, there is no conflict, there are no problems. And what may appear to be conflict from a human perspective is just a re-organizing or harmonizing of energies. A forest fire perhaps, because the forest is becoming too dense with vegetation that the animals can no longer thrive, the plants can no longer grow. Basically the forest cannot expand energetically anymore and once it reaches that point, it must start fresh to continue expanding. Expansion. So as the fire comes through the energy goes into the soil and becomes the fertile ground for the forest to thrive again. To be a space where animals can thrive again, where plants can thrive again. It’s a cycle. And so you see it was not a conflict; it was a rebirth, it was a new beginning. The old forest was not happy anyway, it was not expanding, it had reached its limits. And so a new cycle was ready to begin yet the information from the previous cycle was stored and reused for the next.

And the forest becomes magnificent once again, and gets to experience all the different stages through an updated lens. The sprouts, the meadow, the forest, all the different stages until the cycle is complete again. Embrace the cycle, embrace the changes knowing that they are all your benefit. The benefit of all of humanity, the benefit of Earth as a whole, the benefit of your Galaxy, and the Universe. Be the best you can be in every part of every cycle and you will be fulfilled, you will live a fulfilling life.

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