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Soul Family // You Are a Diamond

Understanding Soul Family and a beautiful analogy of finding your True Self (Higher Self) on Earth.

(Tone singing aka light language before I start)

When you open your mouth and you make a sound, where is it coming from? For it is not coming from the ego, for it is not coming from fear. It is coming from the truth of who you are. As vibration, as energy, as consciousness, as a Soul, as a spirit. And yes we belong to the same soul, but as an obvious fact that we are still individuated yet again, living on different planets, in different star systems, doing what appears to be different tasks, but they are actually the same task in different levels of density.

You are a very brave one to be where you are, to choose to go to Earth for the benefit of the entire Soul. All 144 fractals of the one soul that we are. Which again joins and forms even larger bonds with more and more groups until we reach the fact that we are all One. And as you have discovered, the 144 fractals of the same soul do each carry a different vibration, yet similar, all complimentary to the whole. And again if you zoom out, the 144 all complimentary to the one, which is a part of another larger group all complimentary to that one, part of another larger group all complimentary to that one, until you go out and out and out and every single fractal of every single Soul is complimentary to the whole. This is why being your Self, is the best thing you could Be for the whole. For the whole of whole, but also for the whole of the Soul, the whole of your planet, the whole of your family, your Earth family.

Every interaction, between every other vibration on your planet and beyond, is all orchestrated for the highest good of all involved. I use orchestrated lightly and I know that you are beyond that now because you realize it is the vibration that attracts everything. Beyond what you see, the physical, is potential, infinite potential. You can attract anything and everything you desire and you will and you are. This is why ones with an expanded perspective can share with you to dream big, dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before because truly anything is possible in this Universe.

That includes your planet of Earth. It is just going beyond the limitations, that were just created, illusionary, yet implanted into the energy fields. As from the human perspective you could see it as suppression, but from a higher perspective you see it as a great challenge, a game, and wow does it ever feel good when you beat a level and reach the next level. Every single realization is pure ecstasy, pure joy. And you have noticed that, you often burst out into laughter uncontrollably and that is that release. The release of any energy that was not serving you.

These patterns of energies were never yours to begin with. And that is the beauty of your journey, that you are simply uncovering who you really are. It’s like searching for a precious gem. You find a gem but it’s in a rock. And you have to carefully, slowly, chisel into the rock, using many different tools, to get through the rock, to get to the gem that was within the rock all along. Often the gem is obscured by the rest of the rock, you cannot see the diamond inside I will say, but it’s in there. I promise you that.

And as you know, different tools allow you to get to that gem in the rock faster. For example, working with energy, with vibration, the minerals that encase the gem within just sluff away. But without that information, without that consciousness, it is a much slower task with chisel, with hand tools, and it is difficult. Although it does not have to be. And you are reaching the point where you realize that life does not have to be difficult. It is not meant to be difficult. It is meant to be a learning experience. And now, with your tools of energy, vibration, consciousness, you are able to assist others to expose their diamond within. To expose the gem that lies within them. To sluff away what was never theirs to begin with.

The diamond, the beautiful, clear, sparkling diamond. Where does it form? In dark kimberlite pipes, ultramafic, which is ultra dense; the densest, darkest. This is where the diamonds are formed, and this is where they grow. Until one day they reach the surface and after, we will condense time here and say many years, which could be many millions of years, after many years, the diamond that has been in darkness this entire time, is first exposed to light.

The diamond, still implanted in the rock, but now it is Seen, Now there is a Reason to remove the outer casing, to remove the density, the darkness, which allowed the diamond to form in the first place. And you get closer and closer to isolating the diamond. And then once it is free from the density, it still has scratches, maybe looks kind of foggy because it had been surrounded by this matrix of darkness. This fog and these scratches are you would call the echos. The remembrance of the darkness, even though now you are in the light. Sometimes it is hard to let go of where you once were.

And so the diamond undergoes another process. This process is the process of being cut and polished. We will focus on being polished, as imagine the diamond is the perfect cut already; as each human is. The diamond is perfectly cut and then begins the polishing phase. With every polish, the remembrance of the past vanishes into dust, into thin air. The echos cease. The echos dissipate. And this process of polishing lasts as long as it needs to, until every face of the diamond is pure and perfectly free of any imperfection. And that diamond, perfectly polished, that diamond is You. That diamond is All of Humanity. That diamond is Every member of the Human Collective. Every member of the Human Collective is a diamond. Perfect. Just waiting, waiting to reach the surface, waiting to be found, waiting to be found and find that desire to extract it from the darkness and then to be polished.

And then once that diamond is polished, it is meant to shine. It is meant to be seen. It is meant to be observed. As an example of other diamonds, yet to be found, can become. Just seeing this diamond, this shining diamond inspires so many to find the diamond of their own. And so, just by shining, it inspires a constellation of others to find their own diamond. All it had to do was be its Self.

And you can see that once the diamond is polished, its shining, all the hard work is done. Now the difficult process, the hard process is complete. Now the rest of its life, the diamond gets to shine. To radiate it’s beauty, to radiate the light, to radiate the spectrum of light to all others who see it, who observe it, even ones who don’t are inspired by the mere thought of the polished diamond. And so, the diamond no matter where it goes, no matter what it does, it is free. Now it can be enjoyed by all.

Whatever little challenges may come up, diamond maybe gets a little scuffed but it’s nothing but a quick polish. Because it is nowhere near as difficult as extracting it from the earth, breaking away all the darkness, and then doing the polishing job from the beginning. The little scratch is nothing, it’s easy to polish out. And the diamond, being so strong, cannot be broken. This is you. You are the diamond.

And know that all the hard work is done. And now is your time to shine. And live the purpose of the diamond. To inspire others by your mere presence, your mere existence. By being an example of a diamond that shines. Shine on, you beautiful diamond.

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