Visions ///

The Eternal Present

Like a film reel, all exists simultaneously but we shine our light through the present moment, here and now.

Interpretation: There is no “past” or “future” as we tend to think of it in linear time. The present moment is eternal and extends to infinity. I think of the bottom triangle as the past and the top triangle as the future, everything existing in the present moment. This vision has helped me make sense of the truth that you already are everything you wish to be. It also showed me how time travel is possible (and understood by many stellar races), by tuning into a specific vibration. Although ultimately I feel this vision was given to me to remind me to focus on the present, the magical sweet spot in the middle 😉

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Holographic Visions /// I interpret this information into 2D graphics to share, but I encourage you to imagine them as a 3D silent film as that is how they are received. These visions are channeled from higher realms and galactic family, the cosmic Oneness of which we are all a part.