Visions ///

Vibrational Reality

You are the perfect vibrational match to the experiences and circumstances in your life.

Interpretation: This vision shows the Earth as the sphere with individual Beings and Circumstances as the colored lines. These colored lines represent the vibration of the being or circumstance, and you will see what is alike is always drawn together. The timing of this vision was profound for me because it helped me see there is nothing wrong on earth, but the absolute perfection of it all. There is no judgement, it is all vibrational. If you are tired of certain circumstances appearing in your life you can change your vibration to be a match for something else. How to change your vibration? Investigate your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, focus and attention.

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Holographic Visions /// I interpret this information into 2D graphics to share, but I encourage you to imagine them as a 3D silent film as that is how they are received. These visions are channeled from higher realms and galactic family, the cosmic Oneness of which we are all a part.