Visions ///

How my Higher Self sees Humans

When you see others as your Higher Self, you release the belief that others need to change and focus on yourself.

With Human Eyes and a 3d perception we see other humans as different from us. We also see them as separate and we think that we are the only one who hears our thoughts. In this perception it is easy to start comparing, judging and getting completely lost in the illusions of the material world 😰

When I see humans as my Higher Self, they are all exactly the same Source Energy at their core. No matter their age, gender, skin color, beliefs, stage of the journey etc; they are all exactly equal. The other thing that comes up is how all humans are connected via the quantum field. Anyone can instantly tune into anyone once they activate that ability. Giving another one attention instantly connects energetically whether one realizes it or not; and whoever you give your attention to you will give your energy to and resonate in harmony with (become). That is why when people view a fight, they often want to fight too etc.

Of course we have our own “original blueprint” or personality patterns I see as spinning around the golden orbs of light. Then on top of that peoples beliefs and programming. And realize that if someone has fear-based beliefs, everything they think, say and do goes through that fear tainted filter. If someone has let go of all fear-based beliefs, what they think, say and do will come from the original blueprint which is Love 💙

That all being said I prefer to view others as the Masters that they are at their core ~ perfect pure golden orbs of light; and that is how my Higher Self would suggest viewing all others as well 🤗

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Holographic Visions /// I interpret this information into 2D graphics to share, but I encourage you to imagine them as a 3D silent film as that is how they are received. These visions are channeled from higher realms and galactic family, the cosmic Oneness of which we are all a part.