Visions ///

You have All the Power

How you view others has a huge effect on your vibration and thus your reality and experiences you manifest.

Ready to Level Up from 3d to 5d? There is just a little gap to cross called 4d and I will share all that has been of greatest assistance to me 🤗 It’s easy and simple and the payoff is to live your dream life with ease and effortlessness. Vamos!

In this vision each human (represented by gold spheres) had a meter above their head indicating their perceived ‘Power Level’ 🪫.. emphasis on PERCEIVED. You always have had and always will have all the power in your reality whether that is realized or not.

3d: One judges another to see how much they could “hurt” them aka betray them and ascribes power accordingly. I.e. Maybe you give your boss a lot of power as they are in control of your paycheck and so you do everything to stay in their “good books” and avoid a betrayal, no matter the cost to yourself.

5d: You realize You Are Creating All Of It. You understand all is love, all is you, and so you are in complete control of all of it with your vibration. I.e. You love and are grateful for your boss but you know that no matter what happens you’ll be aok, you stay true to your Self and trust all will work out in the best way possible for you.

What a change in perception can do! It can change everything. Very quickly. Very easily. All you have to do is choose what you prefer 😎

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Holographic Visions /// I interpret this information into 2D graphics to share, but I encourage you to imagine them as a 3D silent film as that is how they are received. These visions are channeled from higher realms and galactic family, the cosmic Oneness of which we are all a part.